Samsung galaxy note 5: Want to ride on the latest technology?

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

In Amsterdam, automobile technology is touching the skies. There are strong rumors that electronic vehicles are going to overwhelm the markets across the world. However, there are certain regulations hindering the technology.

Well, smart technology is also moving ahead at the best pace. A lot of smartphones are being launched every year. The competition is increasing, giving rise to more options and choices of smartphones. When we look at the market, we often come across two giant manufacturers of smartphones namely Samsung and Apple. Both of these brands have brought forth many beautiful phones to the shores of the markets. At the end of 2015, these two brands have come face-to-face once again. While Apple released iPhone S6, Samsung could not resist the temptation and released Samsung galaxy note 5. These two flagship phones are much-anticipated phones.

2015 will be remembered in the pages of history whenever the question of designs will break out. In this year, all brands pushed harder to showcase the best designs. LG released amazing design of G4. Apple debuted S6. And, Samsung released two massively beautiful phones – S6 Edge and Note 5.

If you are looking forward to buying a branded phone, we will recommend you to buy a futuristic smartphone. Let us take a look at Note 5.

Specifications, features and price of galaxy note 5:

To begin with, Note 5 is measured with 5.7 inches large display screen. It is also protected with gorilla glass 4. Hence, you need not worry about scratches. It has a superlative display as well. With 515 pixels, the resolution is much prettier. You will literally fall in love with its gorgeous display. On top of that, its hyper-reality features entertain you very well. It is rightly said that its camera is a game changer in the industry.

Moreover, the battery life is absolutely boosted up. It lasts for a full day of heavy usage. Most importantly, you can fully recharge it within 2 hours at the maximum. What’s more, you can buy this phone at the best price of just 2149 AEDs. Indeed, it is the best deal!

Summary: A large display screen is the need of the hour. You can play games and watch videos on the HD display. By buying Samsung galaxy note 5, you will have a great device at your disposal. You can go to shoot the world with its excellent camera results.

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