Justshopping.pk believes on delivering the best quality products at the best prices. We have ensured on-time delivery of the products without placing an extra burden on your pocket. Therefore, we provide our valued customers with a FREE SHIPPING AND DELIVERY of all products. However, there are certain important points that you should keep in mind while placing an order with us.

  • Through TCS (Tranzum Courier Services) or LCS (Leopards Courier Services), the delivery of products will take 2-3 working days. You will be notified of the delivery date by our customer services staff through a phone call.
  • We provide shipping on all the working days (from Monday to Saturday) excluding any public holidays.
  • The customers are strictly prohibited and are not allowed to open the delivered parcel before making payment as per the policies of the shipping company. The courier company are only responsible for delivering the product to your doorstep and collecting money within the stipulated time period.
  • You can open the delivered product after making the payment. However, if you find any discrepancy in the ordered and delivered product then you can claim for return or exchange as per our return policy.
  • You can keep a track of your order by visiting TCS or LCS websites.

Return or Exchange of products

The return or exchange of product will only be facilitated by justshopping.pk if it has the following issues:

  • The product that is delivered to you is damaged or has some other kind of similar issue. We will be responsible for its exchange.
  • The product is not the similar to the ordered product. In this case, you can report or return the product to us within 3 days.
  • The product you ordered is same as the one you ordered but you want to exchange it for some other product. You should notify us within 3 days following the product delivery. You then need to pay the delivery charges of the first delivered product for return.
  • After delivery of the product, you do not like it and want to have a refund. Then you need to notify us within 3 days following delivery for returns.