Wave Sonic 2 Speed Spin Power Cleanser

1. 14PCS pads supply,
2. European Dermatology Testing Center tested
3. 1x AA Battery operated(not included)

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750.00 650.00


Product Description

This product is a professional beauty equipment. It can remove wrinkle, acne and blackhead. At the same time, it can whitening, tender, deep cleansing and improve the effectiveness of skin. Both men and women are applied.

1. Cleansing foam penetrates deeper into pores to remove more dirt, oil and makeup
2. Gentle vibrating motion stimulates skin’s surface, open the pores, so the foaming can penetrates deeper
3. Softly textured pads sweep away layers of dead skin cells. You can see immediately softer, smoother skin after just 1 use.

How to use:
1: Open the battery cover of machine and put the battery in the correct place
2: Take out a piece of pad from the pads bag and directly attached to the attachment head at the front part of the machine.
3: Simply press the switch button, and clean your face with water before using the machine
4: There will be a moderate sense of vibration and rich foam while using the machine, Each use shall not be less than 5 minutes
5: Wash your face with clean water after each use
6: The machine is water resistant; You can wash the machine directly under running water after each use